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Data Security Architecture and Design

Yashasvi understands the high costs and challenges of safeguarding today’s complex and rapidly changing IT environment. Digital transformation and Cloud are pushing security perimeters off premises, into the cloud, and into the workplace. Enforcement of security policies have become more complex and requires understanding of risk and balancing the innovation. Leverage our architecture and design expertise in three critical security areas: Enterprise Security, Data Security, and Emerging Security.

Enterprise Infrastructure Security - Infrastructure Security

Yashasvi understands the challenges to defend the perimeter is an enormous task that includes many considerations, from firewalls to end points, networking, and web and email gateways. Through our key partnerships, Yashasvi is positioned to help assess your perimeter defences and provide deeper visibility into your network, applications and users. Review and protection at this level are key elements to guard against persistent and evasive threats.

  • Content Security
  • Systems security
  • Peripheral Security
  • Data Loss Prevision
  • Log Management and Analysis
  • Security Information And Event Management

Secure Mobility

Yashasvi understands the essence of Mobility for organization to remain relevant in the internet age. Through our experience, we help organizations to access their workforce requirements within the framework for seamless, secure and productive experience. The Enterprise mobility service includes the architect and deploy the solutions for rapid mobility adoption in seamless and secure.

Secure Cloud

But a Yashasvi understands the shift to the cloud must be done right the first time. A wrong can cause loss of business and brand. Our Cloud Enablement provides the expertise and technologies to migrate and secure cloud environment (public/hybrid). Our cloud consulting is comprehensive and covers all aspects of security. We assess, design and deploy cloud security

Identity and Access Management

Yashasvi provides the solutions for enterprise and cloud to maintain control of user access rights. We combine our dedicated security engineering capability with technology providers to enhance the security posture.