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Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing comes in three forms: public, private, and hybrids clouds. Using a Hybrid approach, allows companies to maintain control over an internally managed private cloud while relying on the public cloud as per requirement. Design a custom cloud strategy as per your requirements.

Data Centre Management and Security

Data is an organisation’s most important and critical assets and its effective management and usage is a key factor ensuring that you maintain a competitive advantage.

Data Centre Automation

Data Centre automation helps to provide a framework to achieve the business results you need, effectively. We automate IT processes across computing, network, storage layers in physical and virtual environments. We help automate processes and have people using open source and commercial tools to achieve the results.

Data Centre Optimization

Optimization refers to changing a data centre to improve its overall functionality and performance. Data Centres are at the heart of every business’ IT infrastructure, and we help you transform your data centre to achieve the same kind of elasticity as cloud computing and other similar designs.

BCP and DR

Business Continuity (BC) management is a service that provides a framework to ensure the resilience of your business to any eventuality. It ensures continuity of service to your key customers and the protection of your brand and reputation. We help provide a basis for planning, to ensure your long-term survivability following a disruptive event including both on-premise and cloud workloads and data.

Virtualization and Converged Infrastructure

Data centre virtualization is the process of designing, developing and deploying a data centre on virtualization and cloud computing technologies. We help you all the way, from the beginning of your journey, with server virtualization and metamorphose into a fully virtualized software-defined data centre.

Storage and Backup

As part of this service Yashasvi will provide a comprehensive architecture and design of Compute, Storage and Backup environment. This service is focused toward customers looking to redesign their existing IT environment. Our consultants will understand the business requirements, application landscape, and provide a blueprint of Compute, Storage Backup with cloud ready infrastructure.