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Compute, Storage & Backup

Architecture and Design Services

As part of this service Yashasvi will provide a comprehensive architecture and design of Compute, Storage and Backup environment. This service is focused towards new or customers who are looking to redesigning their existing environment. Our consultants will understand the business requirement, application landscape and provide a blueprint of Compute, Storage and Backup infrastructure.

Server Assessment/Consolidation

Server assessment is an extensive review of you server assets to aid consolidation and streamlining of Compute management. This service at a broad level includes:

  • Determine virtualization opportunities for server consolidation and containment
  • Understand the utilization statistics and application landscape
  • Provide new consolidated landscape with reduced server footprint
  • Application landscape across private, hybrid and Public cloud
  • Estimate financial impact
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis
  • Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
  • P2V, V2V migrations


Storage Assessment

Storage assessment is a comprehensive review of overall storage infrastructure to keep pace with storage growth. The objective of this service is to reduce the growing storage cost by unearthing hidden costs and also access the gap between on-premises and cloud storage. The following aspects will be looked into as part of this service

  • Storage architecture review including the cloud storage requirements
  • Storage configuration review
  • Analysis of structured and unstructured data
  • Analysis of RAID layout
  • IOPS requirement of applications (Application to storage)
  • User to storage analysis
  • Accessing the cloud storage workloads
  • Accessing and Optimizing storage replications
  • File level analysis of storage resulting in potential reclaim of storage
  • Recommendation for tiered storage, RAID relay-out, re-architect will be provided


Backup Assessment

The primary objective of this service is to assess the existing backup and recovery environment to ensure compliance, data integrity and simplified recovery. The assessment takes into account the on-premise and cloud workloads and Data Following aspects and provides recommendation to improve operational efficiency which includes.

  • Backup technology and architecture review
  • Accessing the backup infrastructure for private, public and hybrid cloud requirements
  • Backup window or service levels for both on-premise or in the cloud
  • Media management
  • Process for Monitoring
  • Process for recovery checks to ensure critical data is recoverable
  • Tape vaulting and cloning
  • Evaluation of disk/cloud based backup


High Availability and HPC Assessment

This service is aimed at customers who are looking to Assess and implement High availability Services for their critical applications and service level agreements that match the business requirements. Yashasvi consultants have proven methodology and expertise in assessment and implementing High Availability services from various vendors like Microsoft, Veritas, Redhat, Oracle, Visionsolutions, and High Performance Computing

  • Analysis of the business contexts and Drivers for availability
  • Demonstration of high availability methods, which include the application features
  • Analysis of high availability across all infrastructure verticals like server, network, Backup, etc
  • Analysis of current practices for disaster recovery and backup and recovery
  • Analysis of cloud service availability
  • Analysis of the workloads and performance


Virtualization Assessment

The objective of this service is to architect/implement the virtualization services. Compute Virtualization has disrupted the traditional “one server per application” approach. The emergence of public cloud infrastructure has led to the evolution of virtualization where its power has extended to software-defined storage and software-defined networking. Yashasvi consultants have expertise in Assessing virtualized services

Server virtualization assessment

Desktop Virtualization assessment

Data Centre Virtualization assessment


Data migration

This service offering provides significant customer value by engaging experienced Yashasvi professionals to develop a “best-practice” based migration strategy for open systems, focused on mitigating business, technical, and operational risks associated with planning and conducting storage and virtual load migrations.

The service takes into consideration the following aspects

  • Migration from Direct attached storage to consolidated storage (NAS/SAN)
  • Any SAN storage device to Any SAN storage device (Heterogeneous environment)
  • NAS to SAN migration (Vice versa)
  • Migration/replication to cloud and vice versa
  • Migration of virtual loads across the platforms including hybrid and public cloud
  • Converting and migrating virtual loads between different virtual infrastructure
  • Vendor-independent recommendations for flexibility and choice

Minimize expensive downtime by keeping applications available during your migration